Don’t Breathe – Psychological Horror Game ‘Silent Breath’ Enters Early Access

Credit: Exodiac Studios


Solo developer Exodiac Studios first-person psychological horror game, Silent Breath, has entered Early Access. Silent Breath uses a microphone detection gameplay mechanic to track scares for its players. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and sporting found footage visuals, Silent Breath puts the player in the middle of a hellish forest. Players must search for missing individuals while trying to stay alive. The game is full of unpredictable dangers, including your own mind. To survive, you must stay alert and keep quiet, or you could become a victim of the forest.

Credit: Exodiac Studios

After finding a familiar-looking crime scene of a missing person, you believe you can help find the others. The only issue is when it becomes nightfall, strange creatures emerge from the dark, listening to your every step. If the player makes any sound, they will be one step closer to losing. To add to the challenge, players must constantly check their surroundings as they move through each new area. Eventually, they will encounter “The Sister of the Forest,” who has been rumored to roam the forest for many years. However, be warned that if you end up screaming or getting captured by any of the monsters, the game will restart. But with a different location for the people you’ve found. To make things even more difficult, the game uses randomization, which means it’s impossible to predict what Silent Breath will throw at you next.

Silent Breath is in Early Access for PC via Steam.


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