DreadXP Announces Sequel ‘Amanda The Adventurer 2’ and Steam Next Fest Demo

Credit: MANGLEDmaw Games and DreadXP

Watching cartoons on a Saturday morning is a cherished time in many households, but MANGLEDmaw Games’ Amanda The Adventurer 2 is ready to push you into a CRT-hellish landscape. In a teaser trailer released this morning by DreadXP, the publisher announced the sequel for the fan-favorite and an upcoming playable demo. Amanda fans can get another unsettling dose of creepy cartoons during Steam Next Fest June 10 – June 17th.

Amanda The Adventurer 2 will follow Riley Park after the events of the first game. After having watched the strange tapes in her attic, she decides to go to the Kensdale Public Library to continue her investigation.  However, shortly after arriving, a masked figure pleads for Riley to help them. The masked figure claims to have known her now-dead Aunt Kate, and is trying to locate something that she left behind in the library. And if that wasn’t enough, a powerful entity is also drawn to them. Plus, Amanda is aware of Riley’s presence and will stop at nothing to free herself.

The sequel features new faces, places, and creepier spaces for fans to explore. Players will also have new friends by their side throughout their journey in uncovering the history of the sinister production of Amanda The Adventurer.

Earlier in the week, the developer and publisher also announced that Amanda The Adventurer would be releasing to all consoles and mobile later this year. To celebrate the anniversary of its release, the Steam page for Amanda The Adventurer 2 is now live.

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