The Future Gets A Whole Lot Weirder With Dueling ‘Chucky’ Movies From Both MGM & Don Mancini

Childs Play
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2018 has been a strange year. No one is likely to argue with that statement. It feels like everyday has the potential for some new insane story breaking and everyone acts as if it’s expected. Sometimes though, something happens so outside the realm of reality that we’re left scratching our heads. Or at least that’s what happened this week as two big news stories concerning the Child’s Playfranchise popped up.

At the start of the week MGM revealed that they are fast tracking a reboot of the film franchise.  While only  a little bit is know about the plot, but it centers on the fact that while they’re keeping the name of Chucky for the doll, but this time it’s merely the A.I. that goes haywire. The film also has a director lined-up in Lars Klevberg. Which is an interesting choice, seeing as how the only movie he’s directed, is the as of yet unreleased Polaroid. All this is to be expected, when almost every studio raids their rights vaults, to see what films they can reignite. That only proves to be an issue, when the original property is still alive and kicking.

For those either living under a rock, or unfamiliar with the varied and vast, the Chucky franchise has found a new lease on life in the last 5 years. Putting out two sequels, as well as a TV show in development. Which brings us to Thursday. When reached for comment on the potential reboot, creator (and still writer) Don Mancini stated that MGM had reached out to offer him and  series producer David Kirschner, executive producer credits on the project several times and they declined. Each time. They also took the opportunity to announce that they plan to continue to make sequels. Further blighting MGM’s hope was the voice of Chucky himself, Brad Dourif. aligning himself with the Universal set.

If any of this seems decidedly weird, it’s because that’s just the case. Universal Pictures is right to put their foot into the ground, as it seems like the sky’s the limit for the little franchise that could. Both Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky garnered a fair share of positive critical acclaim. So it would stand to reason that Mancini & Co. would be allowed to continue to do their thing without interruption. MGM seems poised to cash-in on that success with their “in-name-only” reboot film. Funny note though? If that film does somehow prove to be a box office success, they then have to continue down a path as far removed from what came before, or feel the wrath of a larger and more powerful studio.

Of course, the true power resides in you, dear readers. How do you feel about this news? Is this a case of “the more the merrier” in the horror scene. Do you think that it’s unnecessary to reboot a franchise that’s still thriving? Maybe you’re all about Mancini movie madness, but hesitant on the TV show front? Where ever you fall, be sure to let us know about it in the comments below. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as these stories develop. All of this feels far from over.