Evan Peters Speaks On The Complexity Of Playing Dahmer and Bringing a Monster to Life

Credit: Netflix

The story of Jeffery Dahmer is not an easy one. True Crime as entertainment is always hard to straddle the line of respect for the victims and telling a complete story of a monster. In this case, the monster being Jeffery Dahmer.

Evan Peters had the uneasy task of bringing to life someone that mutilated multiple men and boys, then ate them. It is a hard headspace to live in while filming a series for a prolong period of time. He discusses what it was like to have such a dark mindset while filming scenes and the research he did to learn his mannerisms to accurately portray him. The story of Dahmer isn’t just about a serial killer. It’s also about the victims he sent to their grave.

Check out the featurette as Peters discusses how he immersed himself into the mind of a killer.

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