Michelle Yeoh Enters the Multiverse in A24’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Trailer

Credit: A24

A24 shatters reality and dives into a multiverse with the exact kind of mind fuckery I love. Everything Everywhere All At Once is from Daniels, starring Michelle Yeoh (‘The Witcher: Blood Origin,’ ‘Avatar 5’), appears to take us on multiple journeys inside the mind of Mrs. Wang (Michelle Yeoh.) Not only are their multiple versions of herself but she soon finds out she can retain the memories and skill sets of each version of herself. Mind. Blown.

Everything Everywhere All At Once
Credit: A24

This feels like something slightly different for A24 as of late. Less serious in tone and more room to explore fun characters with some downright weird moments.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ also stars Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., with James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is set to be in theaters March 25, 2022 and will make its world premiere at SXSW



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