Grandma Can’t Be Trusted in ‘Evil Eye’ Trailer

Credit: Cinépolis Distribución

Fantastic Fest is brought back to the golden age of Mexican horror with Evil Eye (Mal de Ojo). From Mexican director Isaac Ezban (The Incident, Parallel) Evil Eye digs deep into Latin folklore to turn a visit to grandma’s into a terrifying ordeal.

Evil Eye Fantastic Fest
Credit: Cinépolis Distribución

Evil Eye follows the story of Nala (Paola Miguel) and Luna (Ivanna Sofia Ferro), two sisters who are left in the care of their grandmother, Josefa (Ofelia Medina). Meanwhile, their parents search for a cure for Luna’s mysterious illness in the countryside.

During their first night Abigail, Josefa’s maid, tells the girls a bedtime story about brujas who feed on the blood of children to remain young, and the creation of the Baca. Soon, the girls begin to witness strange behavior and happenings around the house. But Nala begins to connect the dots. Fearing that Josefa may be one of the brujas, Nala must face a terrifying fight to protect Luna at all costs.

Credit: Cinépolis Distribución

Evil Eye is co-written by Ezban, Junior Rosario, Edgar San Juan, and collaborator Luis Mariano Garcia. The movie comes from production companies Cinepolis, Cinema Maquina, Red Elephant, and Film Tank. Currently, Cinepolis Distribucion has planned a Mexico and Latin America release for September 22.

Evil Eye
Credit: Cinépolis Distribución

With brujas, bloody rituals, and a creeping monsters, Evil Eye will make you think twice about visiting grandma again.


Check out the trailer below:

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