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Hunting For Bigfoot in the Deep Wilds of ‘Far Cry 5’

Image credit Far Cry 5/ Ubisoft

Video games and Easter Eggs just go hand in hand. It’s a perfect marriage really, and with the ever-evolving capabilities of each new generation of consoles always pushing the envelope a little further, we gamers are given more beautiful worlds to explore from the comfort of our own homes. We can take up sword and shield and go slay dragons, or we can survive a zombie outbreak, perform open heart surgery or stomp the hell out of turtles in a mushroom kingdom. And the best news is we don’t have to put on any pants to do any of this! Adventure is at our fingertips and game developers are mastering the art of presenting us with some incredible worlds to explore. Far Cry 5is proving to be no exception as gamers flock to its fictionalized Montana country side. But there is a legend spreading around as strange noises and unusual tracks are seen along the unbeaten paths of the wild. Some are saying Bigfoot is out there, and this is our chance to hunt some Sasquatch.

Cryptozoologist are familiar with the elusiveness of Bigfoot. He’s become one of the world’s most beloved mysteries. Does he really exist? Is he out there? Will we ever find definitive evidence of him and finally solve the missing link between us and the wild? He captures the imagination. Bigfoot is always one step ahead of us though and (if he’s truly out there) remains in secrecy.

It seems this big, hairy legend is even hiding out in our gaming worlds – because, let’s face it, Bigfoot is just that much fun to hunt. So if you’ve ever wanted to brave the perils of the deep woods and track down the various clues hidden in the hills that all point to his cryptic existence, now’s your chance! It’s ‘Squatch season and the hunt is on!

Far Cry 5
Image credit Far Cry 5/ Ubisoft

Players of Far Cry 5 are reporting some very odd noises in the shadows of the wild.  Speculations are stirring, and, as in real life, people are asking whether or not these are the mournful cries of a lone yeti. Not to mention there are a few hints and newspaper clippings that all seem to confirm this very same conjecture. It’s becoming an X-File in the making.

Players who have made it to Dicky Dansky’s Hut will come upon the “Dicky Dansky Manuscript” informing them that he’s gone off in search of (you guessed it) Bigfoot. Dansky admits he’s been a little obsessed with Bigfoot ever since he was a teenager. Finding the manuscript will set you off on a mission leading you closer to solving the riddle of the ages. Should you venture further you will come upon the discovery of a plaster mold of an inhumanly large foot, as well as a map and photographs; each photo supposedly containing a bleary glimpse of the great beast himself.

Far Cry 5
Image credit Far Cry 5/ Ubisoft

The mission will lead you on a path riddled with clues of the monster’s existence. You’ll find heavy indented footprints buried in the soil. Foot prints much too big to be a man’s. In a more sinister turn of events, your path will lead you to a scattering of human remains, pools of blood, and bones which begs to question how safe will you be in this hunt. It seems obvious that Bigfoot has a taste for human delicacies. These grizzly details beg to question: did Dansky meet a very ugly end? The path is yours to discover.

Tread carefully out there, fellow gamers. This has been Manic Exorcism wishing you happy hunting.

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