‘Friday the 13th The Game’ Announces Playable 16-Bit Retro Jason & More

Friday the 13th the Game
Credit: Gun Interactive

Gun Media announced today that fans would be getting some new perks for Friday the 13th – The Game to make up for the rocky launch fans experienced a few days ago.

Those who were patient enough to wait for the server situation to get settled were in for a real treat that put fans into a franchise they love so dearly. Team work makes the dream work. So don’t be a dick and and gas up the 2 seater while the other 4 counselors are running for their lives! Working together will get you more XP Points and that is about to get a lot sweeter with the new announcement.

Here is an official statement from Gun Media laying out what you can expect tomorrow on June 20th!

Friday the 13th

“You guys broke our expectations and our severs, and we are very thankful for your support and love. Here’s some free stuff to apologize for our rocky launch, and so that you might give us a slight reprieve as we continue to improve and fix!

Friday the 13th

Please enjoy this free Retro Jason and music courtesy of Mitch Murder as well as new clothing for counselors, 13,000 Customization Points for everyone and of course a Double XP Weekend starting June 23rd-June 25th!”


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