Funko Reveals New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Funko POP Vinyls and Mystery Minis

Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

The Summer of Stranger Things has consumed us in every way. From brand partnerships with Nike to popping up in Fortnite of the weekend there is no shortage of strange things to get your fix. Season 3 has given us new characters and has built upon characters we already loved.

With each new season comes a new set of merchandise and exclusives. Funko is always at the top of that list and while they have already given us a line of Stranger Thing season 3 figures they just released a new batch of POP Vinyls and mystery minis!

If you haven’t finished season 3 there may be some spoilers here. You have been warned.

Blind box toys are a fun experience and Funko has brought back the Mystery Minis. The season 3 lineup includes; Jim Hopper, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Eleven, Battle Version Eleven, Max Mayfield, Steve with ice cream, Mike Wheeler, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Billy, Karen Wheeler, Erica Sinclair and Nancy Wheeler. The odds of landing some figures will range from 1:6 to 1:72 with some Hot Topic and Target exclusives thrown into the mix.

In addition to the Mystery Mini boxes Netflix is also releasing a new line of full size POPs with a couple of Target and Amazon exclusives thrown into the mix along side a super sized 6″ monster pop seen below.

Stranger Things
Credit: Funko / Netflix