There’s Already A Teaser Trailer For The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

Image Courtesy Of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sometimes the news cycle moves way too fast. Often, when a movie gets announced it can be weeks or months before any follow up occurs. There are also times where the ink is barely dried and there’s already video to go along with said project. That’s where we find ourselves today. If you missed it, yesterday Entertainment Weekly broke the news that a new Ghostbusters film was being made. One with Jason Reitman (Juno) attached to direct. For those not aware, Jason of course is son of Ivan Reitman, who famously directed the original. The move makes sense in a way as the new feature is said to be a continuation of the initial two films. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, as everyone’s still deciding how how they feel about the news, a teaser has appeared online. Have a look.

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There’s not a ton to go off of here, but that’s not exactly the point. This exists solely to get people excited. It’s a move that often occurs months leading up to a film’s release, rather than mere hours after first announced. Contained within short video are all the hallmarks necessary to make more than a few adults gasp with delight. The Ecto-1 covered in a shroud. What looks and sounds like a proton pack firing. Not to mention the oh-so familiar sting of the theme music. All that’s really missing is a discarded Twinkie wrapper or a pool of slime. Naturally, it all leads to more questions than answers. Such as: why the slow swoop-in to an abandoned barn? Did someone purchase all this Ghostbusting gear to live out some childhood dream?

The strangest part about all this, is the plan for the new film to be released next Summer. That seems like a very quick turn around. Unless, this is a smaller or more paired back affair. Stripping Ghostbusters down to its roots, making it creepy and funny with low-level stakes, could be the right recipe. In a way it fits in with (most of) Reitman’s filmography. Couple that with a script co-written by Gil Kenan (Monster House)

There’s no further news surrounding the project at this time, but that could change any minute now. Seriously, as soon as this posts there could be five people added to the cast. Don’t be a surprise if one of those names is an original cast member. If that happens, we’ll at least have a semblance of the direction this film is going. After all, last November on The Big Interview With Dan Rather, Dan Aykroyd said that a third film was being written, by big names he couldn’t reveal at the time. Looks like he’ll finally get the film he’s been threatening lobbying for, for several decades.

What did you think of the teaser? Are you ready for another Ghostbusters film or do you think they should leave the franchise alone? What direction would you like to see the new film take? Are you convinced (like this writer) this’ll be a Louis Tully centered pic? Unleash your wildest theories in the comment section. We can’t wait to see what you cook up. As soon as further news pops up, we’ll update you accordingly.