Everything to Know About Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Family Members

Texas Chain Saw Massacre The Game Gun Interactive
Credit: Gun Interactive

Gun Interactive’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre follows a group of college students in search of their friend’s missing sister, Maria. After unfortunately following in Maria’s footsteps, the group now finds themselves in the killer grasp of the Slaughter family.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a 4 v 3 asymmetrical horror game where four Victims are pitted against three Family members. While Victims have their own set of Abilities and Attributes, Family members also have a job to do. Each Family Member should work together to Seek, Hunt, Trap, Bane, or Maim the Victims to stop their escape.

The Family member Attributes are separated into three categories: Savagery, Harvesting, and Endurance. While these Attributes vary depending on your character, you can fine-tune them via the Skill Tree. In the Skill Tree, players can give additional buffs depending on certain Perks equipped.


The Savagery Attribute pertains to how much damage you deal with melee hits. However, this does not necessarily correlate to strength. Players should look to use Savagery and Endurance to get the full nasty potential for dealing damage.


While playing as a Family member, feeding Grandpa blood during the match can help track down the Victims as they scurry around. The Harvesting Attribute can affect how much blood you receive during specific Victim interactions. In this case, Players should note that Harvesting will not affect how much blood you get from the buckets around the map. This Attribute only affects blood collected with Melee hits, executions, and grappling with Victims.


Endurance will affect how much your stamina is drained and its recharge rate. Working on your Endurance Attribute will help Family players to increase dealing damage and character mobility.

In addition to Attributes and Abilities, each Family member also has a few unique traits to bring to each match. While some may bring in locks or close crawlspaces to limit the playable field, others may be able to chase Victims through gaps or crawl spaces.

Now that we’ve gone over Attributes, let’s see how they apply to the Family Members and their Abilities.

The Cook

Credit: Gun Interactive

While playing as The Cook, players can activate his Seek Ability to listen in to sounds around him. Honing in on a Victim’s noise can reveal their location and lead them to their demise. With The Cook’s low Endurance, chasing Victims may lead to Endurance depletion, allowing Victims to escape.

In addition to Seek, The Cook comes with a few additional perks. The Cook carries an additional three locks to place on doors around the map. These additional locks can slow down Victim’s progress in escaping buildings or closing off sections of the map. Plus, The Cook can close crawl spaces. Once a crawl space is closed, the Victim will have to reopen the space.


Credit: Gun Interactive

Sissy is one of two new characters created by Gun Interactive and Kim Henkel. Sissy is as unpredictable as she is unstable, and the blood trail she left behind can attest to that. Sissy’s Ability, Bane, allows her to craft poisons to blow in Victims’ faces or contaminate items, like medicine, around the map. Players can find plants around the map to collect and bring to pestle stations to concoct her deadly poisons.

Being light on her feet, Sissy can follow Victims through gaps and crawlspaces similar to The Hitchhiker. However, she cannot climb over barricades. Sissy’s second trait is that she can also ambush Victims. Players can navigate Sissy to a Victims’ hiding spot and hide inside before her attack.

The Hitchhiker

Credit: Gun Interactive

A macabre artist at his finest. The Hitchhiker can place bone snares around the map with his Trap ability. When a Victim steps into a trap, players will get a notification of the event.

Slippery and quick, The Hitchhiker has a higher Endurance, allowing him to pursue Victims. Although, while he can keep up with Victims, he will have to deal more melee attacks to execute them. While in chase, players can navigate him through gaps and crawl spaces to follow their Victim.


Credit: Gun Interactive

Johnny is the second original character added by Gun Interactive. As one of the younger members of the family, he manipulates his victims into following him back to the Family. This charm during his encounter with Maria is what sets off the events of the game.

Like any good predator, Johnny is a skilled hunter and enjoys the hunt. His Hunt Ability allows players to track recent Victim footsteps around the map. Not only is he a lethal tracker, but he can also instantly barge through locked doors and close crawl spaces.


Credit: Gun Interactive

Leatherface is a brute when it comes to destruction. The Maim Ability allows Leatherface to use his chainsaw in a variety of ways to dismember or destroy. While Victims can use barricades to evade the other Family members, Leatherface can use his saw to break these barriers as well as crawl spaces and doors. While Leatherface has high Endurance and the highest Savagery in the Family, his mobility is low.


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