A Gaming Guide to Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim’s

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Victims
Credit: Gun Interactive

Gun Interactive’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre follows a group of college students in search of their friend’s missing sister, Maria. The amateur group accomplishes their task of following Maria’s footsteps, but a little too well. The group now finds themselves crossing paths with the Slaughter Family.

In the 4 v 3 asymmetrical match, four Victims are pitted against three Family members as they try to escape. Each Victim has their own unique set of Abilities and Attributes to aid them in their escape. Correctly use your abilities and attributes and escape is an easy feat.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Victims
Credit: Gun Interactive

What are Attributes?

Attributes are character stats made up of five categories: Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth. Victims are assigned a base value, but can later be upgraded through their Skill Tree with Attribute Unlock Points.

Toughness allows Victims to receive more damage before entering the incapacitated state, cuts down recovery time, and provides better all-around survivability.

Endurance although similar to Toughness, has a few unique perks. A Victim’s Endurance mainly affects Stamina. This means a higher regeneration rate and speed.

Strength affects how Victims face Family members. Increase Strength can increase stun, grappling, and bursting out of hiding. Not only this, but it can also aid in escaping restraints, opening crawl spaces, and turning off generators.

Proficiency allows Victims to complete skill-based tasks easier. For example, higher Proficiency makes lockpicking easier.

Stealth gives Victims the ability to be more silent, reducing the noise they create.

Who are the Victims?

In Texas Chain Saw, players can take on the role of one of five characters: Connie, Sonny, Julie, Leland, and Ana. Each Victim has a set of unique Abilities that give them an edge against the Family. These abilities and how you use them can make or break your game.



Credit: Gun Interactive

A farm girl at heart, Connie brings her crafty and natural tinkerer instincts to the fight. With her Focused Ability, Connie can pick locks without needing an unlock tool. However, this will use more stamina and Family proximity warnings. Connie is a brute force when unlocking basement doors and exits. Combined with a character like Sonny, the duo can be unstoppable.



Credit: Gun Interactive

He may not have Leland’s strength, but his ability to create quick decisions makes Sonny’s intuition a lifesaver. With Heightened Sense, Sonny can detect noise made by any nearby player and track their movements. Sonny is the reconnaissance man. With visual audio cues, pairing up with Connie as a lookout is lethal. Alternatively, Leland’s brute force is always a good backup.



Credit: Gun Interactive

High school can really save you later on. With his past experience with high school wrestling, native Texan Leland uses his strength to fight back. Leland’s Life Safer ability can Bump Charge Family members and temporarily stun them. Stunning Family members can be the difference between life and death for your teammates. Altruistic players not wanting to face Family Members head-on can lean on Ana’s increased Toughness to lure them away.



Credit: Gun Interactive

After losing Maria, Ana’s determination and dedication creates a resilience like no other. Pain is Nothing allows Ana to receive less damage when hit by Family members or by falls. Additionally, she can gain temporary immunity to poison. When facing off against Family members, sometimes Stamina is all you need to outrun the chase until you can find a safe spot to hide, or to make it through an exit.



Credit: Gun Interactive

Hailing from SoCal, Julie uses her natural athleticism to get her out of tight situations. With Ultimate Escape, Family members cannot track Julie while she sprints for a short duration. Her ability also reduces the amount of Stamina needed for this action.