Haunted by Daylight Event Returns – Everything You Need To Know

Scary spooky Void Realms?

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Although it seems every day is Halloween in Dead by Daylight, the return of the Haunted By Daylight event is kicking off celebrations for the spookiest time of the year. In a live stream hosted by Behaviour Interactive, players got a sneak peek into what they can expect from this year’s event including Event-Specific Items and new mechanics.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Something Familiar, Something New

From October 18th through November 6th, players can see firsthand the effects of the Entity’s Realm and, for the first time, experience the Void Realm. The Entity’s Realm will also see a spooky transformation to Generators and Hooks. Plus, limited-time items in the Bloodweb such as the Will O’ Wisp Flashlight, All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox, Med-Kit, Blight Serum, and the Arcane Dowsing Rod will be returning for a limited time. Pumpkins are also returning – by stomping on one, players will receive one of the effects: Haste, Hindered, or nothing.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

The Void Stares Back

For the first time, players will be able to explore the Void Realm. The terrifying wasteland will feature Easter Egg-like items from different maps and will allow for a few new game mechanics. To enter the Void Realm, players will need to collect Void Energy. Survivors can get Void Energy by repairing Halloween Generators, Stunning Killers carrying Void Energy, and by destroying Pumpkin. Meanwhile, Killers can gain Void Energy by destroying pumpkins and Hooking or downing Survivors. However, you can also collect Void Orbs. These Orbs will float to Players when approached. After enough Void Energy is collected, players can deposit their collectings in Unstable Rifts. Once a Rift is Stable, players can use the rift to teleport to the Void Realm.

While players may be curious about the new explorable area, they should still remain on high alert. While in the Void Realm, Killers will be Undetectable, allowing them to make some stealthy plays. With no Pallets or Lockers around, this could lead to an easy sacrifice for Killers. However, a Killers power will be unusable in the area. Survivors entering the Void Realm will be given the Exhausted status effect. If a Survivor enters injured or becomes injured in the realm, they will also receive the Broken status effect.

Although it might be a scary area, you’ll be able to make a few friends. In The Void, players can interact with Haunts. The ghostly figures, once freed by providing them 12 Void Energy, and will transport themselves back to the Map. Upon returning, players can make their new friends into a trap or a boon. Survivors can gain a boost in Haste, Endurance, 20% faster Action Speed, and a 50% refill for the item they are carrying when interacting. Killers will also gain a brief boost in Haste, Undetectable, and a 20% quicker Action and Cooldown speed. But there is a catch. If a Killer interacts with a Haunt brought back by a Survivor, they gain the Hindered status effect. Likewise, Survivors interacting with a Killer Haunt will receive Hindered and their camera will lock onto the Haunt (aka something similar to Hag’s Phantasm Trap).

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Sweet and Scary Rewards

This year, you can trick or treat in game (somewhat). Players can earn Dark Trinkets when completing challenges in the new Haunted by Daylight Event Tome. These Dark Trinkets can then be used to redeem special Cosmetics for both Killers and Survivors. Nea Karlsson, Kate Denson, Yui Kimura, Mikaela Reid, Haddie Kaur, and Vittorio Toscano will be getting redeemable skeleton shirts. Meanwhile, Wraith, Huntress, Legion, Deathslinger, Dredge and Skull Merchant will be getting Candy Weapons. Players can also unlock special Milestone Rewards after redeeming certain amounts of Cosmetics. This includes The Knight’s Burning Head (6 Cosmetics), Meg Thomas’ Smoky Eyes (12 Cosmetics), and a Void Pumpkin charm (21 Cosmetics).

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Get Watching

Another first for Dead by Daylight – players can now get exclusive items through Twitch Drops. After connecting your Behaviour account and linking your Twitch, be sure to watch Dead by Daylight streams between October 18th – November 6th. After one hour, players will receive the Hatch Micro Playset Charm. At 2 and 3 collective hours, Elodie Rakoto’s Eyed Ribcage Shirt and The Hag’s Sugar Claw will be released.


Check out the Haunted by Daylight Event trailer below:


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