ID@Xbox 2023 Indie Developer Showcase

What Do We Have To Look Forward To?

Credit: Team Cherry

Xbox’s ID@Xbox 2023 showcase for indie developers brought new titles for every gamer under the sun, or lack thereof, just in time for the summer heat. Independent publishers from around the world debuted trailers, updates, and other exciting news during the live stream. From exploring haunted houses and finding your place in the vastness of open space to navigating unrest and shapeless realities, check out some of our standout titles from ID@Xbox.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd

Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment

We first must give a big excited round of applause for the new Hellboy release while on the topic of old movies being brought into the hands of the masses! With graphics designed similarly to its comics, this visually stunning indie game is vaguely reminiscent of Persona. It’s an exciting release for fans and foes alike! Reach to the depths of the underworld, or breach the surface depending on which way you’re heading, fighting any foes imaginable. Your revolver may be easily within your grasp, but don’t forget your fist on its own can pack a heavy wallop!

Stray Souls

Credit: Jukai Studio

Now we know you come here for the creeps, so I’ll start this list off with a much-anticipated release for any horror fan. Silent Hill is a big name for any horror game or film fan, and this new indie title will include Akira Yomoaka as a guest composer! A free house is an incredible gift for anyone to receive, but horror fans are probably familiar with some of the additional fine print. Stray Souls follow Daniel, a teenager who inherits a house from his estranged grandmother. But there’s something strange about the property. Fight off terrifying creatures, solve puzzles, and uncover the truth of your past, and hopefully, you can put the dead to rest and survive your new haunted home.


Credit: Beamdog

We’re gonna keep with the chronological theme and stay in the past for a moment to catch some Saturday cartoons! Shows like She-Ra and He-Man are surfing a wave of revival recently, and this FPS roguelike takes it in a new direction! With 4 players online co-op, you can gather your crew of compatriots into the shifting labyrinth below.

Sea of Stars

Credit: Sabotage Studio

Now on the topic of chronological that may have come to mind when they saw this title because Sea of Stars definitely takes inspiration from Chrono Trigger, Sword of Mana, and other classic turn-based games. Sea of Stars follows two Children of the Solstice who use their unique powers drawn from the sun and moon to fight back against The Fleshmancer. This indie title makes these games what many have always dreamed of into a far more expansive and interactive world.

Vampire Survivors

Credit: poncle

Continuing the comeback train, Vampire Survivors revealed a new co-op to their original indie game that allows for up to 4 players! Vampire Survivors is a time survival bullet hell that pits players against hordes of monsters. If you thought it was a hectic experience before, without room for another body on screen, well guess again!

Everspace 2

Credit: ROCKFISH Games

The universe is vast, especially within this exciting sequel! Sci-fi fans long dreamt of their own space-faring shenanigans, and Everspace 2 is another big step for mankind in that direction! Well, a virtual one at least. Taking a departure from its original title, Everspace 2 is an open-world RPG following Adam, a clone pilot, who is looking to find his place in the vast universe. It includes a leveling system, a wide variety of companions, and content for the cowboys of the galaxy. Everspace 2 will launch on Xbox Game Pass and consoles this August.

Axiom Verge 2

Credit: Thomas Happ Games LLC

Combining past and future into one entrancing adventure to discover the secrets of a world that seems similar to ours. This follow-up to the initial hit of the same title brings to life the fantasies of archeologists and conspiracy theorists alike, providing you with the ruins of high-tech civilizations to explore! Careful though, you’ll have to both literally and technologically hack and slash your way through obstacles.

Rain World: Downpour

Credit: Akupara Games

Rain World: Downpour is a DLC to its beloved namesake, the world evolves too, and that includes all the creatures in it. Players can control five new characters, face new challenging one-time scenarios, and test their limits in Challenge Mode. The Goop that is Slugcat seeks out what remains of a collapsed society, but you know what they say? Curiosity killed the cat, assuming you can’t avoid deadly predators.

Scarlet Deer Inn

Credit: Attu Games

Crafting animation with embroidery, this masterfully made experience takes a unique approach to the concepts of stop motion or hand-drawn animation. Scarlet Deer Inn is told through traditional styles in a digital format that makes it feel sewn to life. Attu Games’ embroidered tale follows Elise, a mother of two, and while she doesn’t have magical abilities, she finds a way out of some dark and terrifying situations. The dichotomy of both childhood nostalgia and medieval history makes this game truly stand out from the pack. If you remember many fairytales, be weary of the lessons and within, and steer clear of the unlit path untaken.


Credit: Madison Karrh

Along with succession comes time, and with it age. Growth and change can be a scary prospect, especially when you lose the safety nets that were once available. That’s the core message of Birth, as you go through the life of a woman’s first time living alone in a big city. There are plenty of ways to deal with the isolation of it all, but she decides to take action, by which I mean she makes her first friend from random bones and organs she finds in the city. Work your way through physics-based puzzles in this twisted hand-drawn spin on a heartwarming setting and story.

Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients

Credit: C2 Game Studio

Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients is a 3D action adventure that will bring stars to the eyes of any Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, or Journey fan. When your world is under threat, journey across Fliese with the power of the Runic Swarm to save your planet. Switch between sword, spellcasting, and sprinting abilities as you must pick your battles carefully in this Goliath tale.

Solace State

Credit: Vivid Foundry Corp.

With all the excitement of series like Cyberpunk, this indie visual novel aims to reconnect technology with our humanity. In the face of a dystopic biotech conspiracy, your political revolution is empowered by the people and communities you incorporate.

Take on the role of Chloe, a talented hacker who searches for her missing friend, Rebecka. Navigate through the unrest caused by the biotech crackdown, leverage relationships, and heal yourself in Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories.


Credit: Noname Studios

A sense of silence falls over the world. The beautiful but simplistic stick figure style of Worldless extenuates this indie game’s elegance, with a well-flowing combat system. The rhythm of play stands out when its clashes stand out so clearly from the quiet crickets echoing behind it. Navigate through the indeterminate setting to find our place in the shapeless reality. The bright aesthetic of its animations stands out in front of the dimly lit drawing of a sky behind it.


Check out the ID@Xbox Showcase below.

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