Jordan Peele is Back: New Horror Project Set for July 2022 Release

Twlight Zone
Credit: CBS

Jordan Peele, the multi-faceted, Oscar-winning talent is set to give the horror genre a new entry. This will be Peele’s third directing credit, after 2017’s ‘Get Out‘–for which he won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay–and 2019’s ‘Us,’ which he also wrote. Given Peele’s track record, this new film is bound to make a big impression on the film world.

Peele is a very versatile creative; he was already very well-known for his acting–most notably in the series ‘Key & Peele,’ along with frequent collaborator Keegan-Michael Key. But now he is even more recognized, thanks to his impressive resume that includes producing ‘BlacKkKlansman’ (which also gave Peele a Best Picture Oscar nomination), and writing for the upcoming ‘Candyman’ sequel and the recent ‘Twilight Zone’ reboot.

‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’ were critically acclaimed for their tackling of social and racial issues in the modern-day world; ‘Get Out’ especially continues to be a social phenomenon across across all corners of the film world and even in mainstream media. Peele is frequently praised with his ability to depict such things that are unfortunately still a very present part of our everyday society, and present them in a way that suits a fictitious horror film universe. But even the most fictitious settings hold a level of truth to them, which is evidently seen in Peele’s work. This upcoming project has no announced release date, title, or plot. But nevertheless, the confirmation of its existence should be enough to excite any horror fan.