VHS Inspired Game ‘Left to Rot’ Has an Inherently Creepy Feel About It

Credit: Galatic Crows

‘Left to Rot’ is a first-person psychological horror with a heavy focus on exploration and immersion that will leave your blood running cold. The player must watch the cursed VHS tapes and find out the darkest secrets. Each tape has it’s unique storyline and events. The trailer gives us a tease from one of the tapes and it does have a creepy vibe. I could see the freak out factor at an all-time high if you play this in the dark alone at home. In addition to the trailer we also get a clip titled “she’s not my mom.” The title along puts me on edge.

This feels like an impressive endeavor from the two man team over at Galactic Crows.

‘Left to Rot’ is currently slated for a 2023 release on Steam. The game’s publisher, Galactic Crows, currently has a Patreon page up for the game’s development, if you’re interested.


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