‘Level 16’ Channels ‘The Handmaids Tale’ with Trailer Debut

Credit: Dark Sky Films

In the thematically rich fantasy ‘Level 16’, teenager Vivien (Emmy-nominated actress Katie Douglas) and Sophia’s (Celina Martin) are locked away in a sterile top secret facility where they’re taught the finer points of “feminine virtues” by Stepford-like headmistress, Miss Brixil (Sara Canning.) The girls are left to question what fate awaits them when they age out of the institution.

Writer and director Danishka Esterhazy crafts a sinister allegory that packs a wicked feminist punch in the vein of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ meets a desaturated Argento inspired world.

The buzz around ‘Level 16’ coming out of Fantastic Fest has been impressive. While the film will not hit theaters until March 1, 2019 – you can catch it at our film festival Panic Fest if you are in the Kansas City area January 25-27.

Until then check out the posters and trailer below!


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