‘Lies of P’ is the Grim and Dark Retelling of a Classic Fairytale

No strings will hold you down in Lies of P

Credit: NEOWIZ

In a time of scientific discovery and expansion, this grim retelling of the traditional story of Pinocchio puts players in the world of Lies of P, where you play a young puppet created by the hands of Gepetto. Following a mysterious transformation, players must follow the strange voice that guides them through the campaign, a story where the main quest is to become a real human instead of the puppet they once were. Explore the once beautiful city of Krat, now tarnished with blood and creatures beyond your wildest imagination.

Credit: NEOWIZ

A classic story meets a dark narrative, with different breeds of monsters and a vast collection of weapons. The game also offers important choices, where you can lie or tell the truth in various dialogue prompts, affecting the game’s story. Players can interact with characters derived from the original fairytale in a new location, this time surrounded by danger. After receiving various awards from Gamescom 2022, promising an adventure unlike any you’ve played.

Lies of P is available on Steam, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Game Pass users can also check out the title Day 1.

You can see the trailer for Lies of P below.

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