New ‘Lies of P’ Trailer Ahead of its Release

With Preorders now available!

Credit: Neowiz

The new Lies of P trailer has reignited the buzz the title bought when first announced. This game is breaking boundaries that often remain intact among game development, as it reimagines the fairy tale of Pinocchio. Retelling/rebirth is an aspect that defines both fairy tales and folklore. Each iteration of a story is weaved with meaning within metaphors intended to teach morals and lessons. So it’s no surprise that this title has riled up a quick audience, as it takes a beloved childhood figure present among the last several generations and transforms it into a gothic dark Souls-style action game.

Lies of Pi
Credit: Neowiz

Trailer, Demo, and Pre-Order

With stunning gameplay and visuals, the only question left is how will this version of a classic tale carry on its predecessors’ intention of embedded meaning. Is there a cost, or a punishment for our protagonist when they lie? If so, the only questions left are how, what, and why. The latest trailer for the title has highlighted what fans had already been building hype around. With a gorgeous setting and heavy atmosphere, the cutscenes are just the cherry on top of the player’s immersion. The fast-paced gameplay with a diverse set of enemies and obstacles to overcome shimmers through the dark setting to highlight everything that makes this game feel special in the sea of new releases.

Any particularly overeager fans can hop on the hype train prior to its official release as the pre-orders are available! If you’re still uncertain whether this purchase will be worthwhile you can feel free to check out its demo as well. The Lies of P trailer was revealed prior to Gamescom 2023 to excite fans for its upcoming official release.

You better be careful not to lie to yourself, however, in case your nose begins to grow.


The title is hitting shelves for Steam, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on September 19th. Although Xbox platform users can pre-load Lies of P now, PlayStation users will have to wait a little closer to the release date.


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