Madmind Studio Releases Trailer for Their New Game ‘Sanctus’ Featuring Exorcism on Nuns

Madmind Studio, known for such horrors as Agony and Succubus, is tackling a rather touchy subject these days, based on tragic stories that come up once in a while from the insides of the Catholic Church. They will introduce us to a young woman who, searching for God, decided to join an isolated convent, which holds some creepy truth far from the outside world. Right there, she becomes a victim of visiting inquisitors and monks. They use their power and positions to humiliate, torture and rape young nuns, as they claim, to exorcise their sins.

The game, titled Sanctus, is a third-person perspective (TPP) horror game with erotic elements and the announcement trailer is here.

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Behind the scenes
Madmind Studios are becoming more and more influential. Their recent moves helped with securing some well-known personas that joined their team. The first one is one of the most popular Polish writers of recent years – Jacek Piekara, the author of the best-selling series “I, the Inquisitor”. He wrote the script and dialogues for Sanctus. The other one is Matylda Damięcka, a well-known Polish actress and artist. She’ll play the role of the main character – Anna.

Sanctus Madmind Studio gaming
Credit: Madmind Studio

Shared technology

Sanctus will use the same combat mechanics and stealth system prepared during the development of Tormentor. Both titles are created in the Unreal Engine 5 environment, ensuring a high audiovisual setting.

Main Features

  • Stealth and execution system
  • Extensive dialogue system
  • Interactions with items and mini-games
  • Combat system based on melee weapons
  • Solving riddles and puzzles
Sanctus Madmind Studio gaming
Credit: Madmind Studio

The new game is not everything that Madmind Studio is preparing for us. They invite lovers of the horror genre to MADNIGHT 2023: Horror Showcase! In addition to new materials from our announced projects, such as Paranoid and Tormentor, games from other horror developers will also be presented. MADNIGHT 2023: Horror Showcase will take place on 15th December 2022. It can be viewed on the official Madmind Studio YouTube channel