Medical Horror-sim ‘Autopsy Simulator’ Announces May Release Date

Scalpel please

Credit: Woodland Games | Team17 Digital

If you were squeamish during your frog dissections, then Autopsy Simulator definitely isn’t for you. The medical horror-sim was first announced back in 2020, growing a cult following with each developer update from Woodland Games.

Thanks to a new gnarly gameplay trailer, players can wield their scalpels and get ready to dissect cadavers on May 9, 2024. The new gameplay trailer shows players through the autopsy process and gives a peek into the narrative-driven Story Mode, ‘Dead Memories’.

Credit: Woodland Games | Team17 Digital

In Autopsy Simulator, players take on the role of a middle-aged pathologist whose life has taken a horrible turn. After the loss of his wife and a crashing career, every day is even more crushing than the last. However, during a routine post-mortem, you find something from your past inside the body. Examine bodies, study case files, and solve puzzles to unravel the horrifying mystery.

The twisted fusion of horror and simulation (and all those wet body noises) will leave players on the edge of their seats. With the help of real pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, players will experience a strangely authentic autopsy process. This includes authentic tools, dissection procedures, and determining the cause of death in corroboration with forensic experts.

Autopsy Simulator releases on May 9 for PC via Steam.

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