Nicolas Cage Comes to ‘Dead by Daylight’

He Comes Down From the Big Screen in This Latest Update

Credit: Behavior Interactive & 505 Games

Nicolas Cage is known as the actor in practically every movie, and now his brand is going beyond the big screen with his inclusion as a survivor in Dead by Daylight. Though still in its beta release, this update brings the legendary starlight his first appearance in a video game. This update could open up new possibilities for survivor voice lines in the trial, with actions such as pallet stuns. If you told me last year that Nicolas Cage was coming to Dead by Daylight I would 100% believe you. If asked to predict whether he would at some point? I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years it would really happen, but it’s as delightful as it is unexpected. This update has stirred up a lot of hype through name recognition alone because it’s the man who continues to be a National Treasure. We now know his three unique survivor perks, and they all break away from DBD’s standard design practices.

Nicholas Cage in Dead by Daylight

Cage’s Perks

Dramaturgy: This effect can be activated while the player is healthy, and causes Exhaustion after its use. While running, you are able to activate the Ability to run with your knees high up for 0.5 seconds. You then gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds receiving one of the following randomized effects.

  • Exposed for 12 seconds;
  • Gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds;
  • Scream, but nothing happens;
  • Gain a random rare item in hand with random add-ons and drop any held item.

Scene Partner: Activates when you are in the Killer’s Terror Radius. When the Killer is in your line of sight, you can see their aura for 3-5 seconds. There is also an additional chance you will scream a second time, which will offer the player an additional 2 seconds. This perk then has a 60-second cool-down.

Plot Twist: This perk can be activated when you are injured. While crouched and motionless you can silently enter the dying state. Plot Twist will then prevent you from leaving blood pools, or making noise, and you can fully recover from the dying state on your own. When you do recover with Plot Twist, instantly healed and you gain 50% Haste for 2-4 seconds. Any form of recovery will deactivate this perk, although it will re-activate once more when the exit gates are powered.

Community Reactions

Although it’s an exciting addition, that hasn’t stopped it from garnering some criticism from the game’s community. The fanbase has seemed very split on whether these perks are good additions to the game. These discussions are due to the new perks allegedly lacking competitive viability. On the other hand, many gamers are excited to see the developers recenter on the game’s casual and laughable enjoyment. Rather than creating the ideal build this release encourages players to take themselves less seriously, at least on occasion.
What has really riled up the player base about this update, however, is what it says about the game within the film industry. The introduction of such a big celebrity into DBD has major implications for the future of the game. While previous updates have included famous characters from a variety of major television & film, this release is modeled after a real person. As a game that centers current media in its content, this broadens its existing connection to the motion picture industry. Not only due to the overwhelming amount of work Nicholas Cage has done as an actor either. The growing name recognition and collaboration with a range of celebrities has regularly led to unfounded excitement. Dead by Daylight incorporates various franchises while following the structure of a horror movie to create its gameplay loop. Fans have long fantasized about the idea, however, of finally receiving a film in which the central antagonist is the entity that’s been running the game. Although it’s not off to the big screens, at least we can bring the screens to us with this latest survivor!
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Source: Prima Games