Outer Terror Review: Retro Horror Rogue-lite Brings You to The Apocalypse

As it Travels to it's Console Release

Credit: VoxPop Games

Outer Terror comes back into our line of sight as it makes its console debut! This action-packed rogue-lite promises to keep you on the run from a plethora of unimaginable horrors in pursuit. With 5 stories to select, each one has an intriguing narrative in its own right. Every map promises to switch up the gameplay loop!

This game combines the gameplay of titles like Vampire Survivors, with its unique mashup of retro styles and narratives! Outer Terror merges an approach to incorporate retro horror movies, with both old arcade games and comic styles. This hybrid of the three styles truly stands apart in recreating the glory years. If that wasn’t enticing enough on its own, the game also offers a 2 person co-op mode. Whether alone or with a friend, the gameplay is casual while maintaining the stress of a mounting challenge.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Credit: VoxPop Games


Alongside several storylines for its players to indulge in, are 10 distinct character options at your disposal. Each character manages to feel unique, adding a different twist to the gameplay than each other. They all are given a unique main weapon that distinguishes their gameplay from one another, without restricting the arsenal that becomes available as you level up too heavily.

None of the characters feel out of place either. Each level offers a background story behind two of the ten available characters. As you slay the approaching horde, you’ll collect gold that can be spent in the main menu to empower your future runs! Each permanent upgrade you receive can either expand the weapons that you might gain each time you level up, or offer a new passive that will make all your attacks that much more deadly.

While you’re occupied massacring the horde and gaining experience, they’ll become stronger at a speed outpacing your leveling. Each time you level up you’re given a choice between 3 options that can either heal you, improve defenses, or make you an even deadlier force to be reckoned with. If you decide on the latter, you can choose whether to expand your weapons collection or upgrade the ones you already have stored away. Careful though, as each weapon can only be upgraded a set number of times, so do so wisely. Every weapon feels useful while maintaining its distinguishing qualities. This lets players decide their favorites based entirely on personal preference rather than effectiveness. Most weapons you acquire will auto-fire, allowing you to focus on surviving and completing tasks rather than your aim.

Credit: VoxPop Games

Level Breakdown

The cover and exposition for every available level are where the comic book styles shine through. Every level feels interconnected despite being set in different apocalyptic worlds. Including everything from monstrous body horror to murderous household appliances, the game expertly crafts a wide range of old-school horror that pays homage to even the silliest classics in the genre. Choose which one you’d like to jump into carefully, otherwise, you may not survive long enough to try again.


A group of survivors hide inside, attempting to protect themselves from the encroaching vampiric forces. Meanwhile, you’re tasked with maintaining fuel within this frozen tundra so no one freezes to death. However, you will occasionally be forced to decide between bringing the canisters back to base or keeping warm to hold off the Frostbite. All you need to do is survive long enough to take down the queen leading the assault before her minions get to you first.

The Gray Death:

This level shows that body horror doesn’t need the latest graphics to hit home. With weird fleshy fungal pillars emerging from the ground, they only become a secondary concern as the monstrosities climb out of these disgusting towers. With a few tasks to keep you occupied throughout their onslaught, you must stay alive long enough to face the approaching mass. How will you handle a mountain-sized amalgamation once it’s in pursuit?

Kill Switch:

If you’re a fan of apocalyptic techno-utopia’s, then this might be the comic book for you! Our everyday appliances become violent when a hyperintelligent AI decides it’s time to cull the herd. This is truly the time of Man versus Machine, humanities fate is in your hands. So, get ready to send civilization back to the Stone Ages!


Clowns have somehow transcended past their original comedic conception into an entirely new horror on their own. For anyone with an aversion to their big red nose, this plotline might just reinforce those fears. Kaja would do anything to bring her sister back to life. Even if it means making a deal with the devil. The question then becomes, what price is she willing to pay?

Incident Report:

Trapped stranded in the desert without access to your map adds a whole new challenge to this level. Find your way through the endless sands, and hope that eventually, you might stumble upon an oasis. While you seek salvation from the sandy hellscape, the SCP Foundation is in pursuit so you’d best be on your guard.

Credit: VoxPop Games

Technical Breakdown

Every map feels fairly expansive in size without going overboard. Players can quickly memorize the pre-built layouts to aid in the fight for survival. While this can limit replayability for some games, with Outer Terror it feels as if it only adds to the game. Having each level be pre-built can be essential to beating them since the longer you take to complete a level the less likely you’ll be to succeed. Every level brings new tasks to pursue, with unique enemies related to its specific narrative.

For players who either already know what the story holds in store, or aren’t the type to engage in the story of the games they play it doesn’t heavily force you to follow along. However, the structure of each level integrates the storyline to make each one feel distinct. This ties gameplay to the narrative in a satisfying capacity, whether you decide to engage with it or not. First-time players should be careful though that they don’t miss important instructions about their aims.

Final Thoughts

This game takes such a flavorful approach to its visual style that it truly stands out from other bullet hells. Alongside its astounding visual aesthetics, Outer Terror offers such a wide variety of fascinating lore that it can be easy for players to deep dive out of curiosity. With its console release hitting the market within the past few days, it brings with it several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements that add an entirely new level of polish to the title. With so many options at your fingertips, which apocalyptic hellscape will you choose first?

Outer Terror is available now on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox X/S, and Nintendo Switch.


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This action-packed rogue-lite promises to keep you on the run from a plethora of unimaginable horrors in pursuit.