Explore the Origins of ‘Pet Sematary: Bloodlines’ in a New Trailer

The film will begin streaming on Paramount+ on October 6th,2023

Credit: Philippe Bosse/Paramount Players

‘Pet Sematary’ was released in 1989 and introduced the mind-blowing idea of bringing your loved ones back from the dead. Thirty-four years after the release of the original film Paramount+ will release the story’s origin. The trailer hints that the film will incorporate many elements from the original movie. Easter eggs such as the truck passing by and the introduction of the cemetery references that the film has a similar storyline to the past films. The film will incorporate a young man and woman, discovering the sins of their neighbors  as they slowly bring back their loved ones.

The film will begin streaming on Paramount+ on October 6th, 2023. The trailer provides behind the scenes look as well as commentary from the film’s producer and co-writer/ director. The commentary of the cast and crew voiced over the trailer creates excitement towards the suspense that film has to offer. One of the film’s protagonist (Henry Thomas) exclaims that the film will incorporate all the elements from the original film just with more thrills.

“It’s a Frankenstein story, except you bring family into it”

The trailer portrays the film having the same story line as the original movie.The original film shows a father losing his son due to a truck accident. Through his grief the father decides to bury his son in the pet cemetery, that leads to the discovery of the dangers of the cemetery. The trailer makes it clear that the storyline will be the same with a grieving father making the decision to use the cemetery to bring back his son. The trailer provides small glimpses of different parts of the film in a random order that leaves you wondering how the film will play out. Said to be the scariest one out of the franchise as it will incorporate more suspense and thrills. The connections between the original film and Bloodlines will connect the story all the way back to its roots.

“What would you risk to bring somebody that you loved back to life?”


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