Reese’s & Neil Patrick Harris Invites You to an Interactive Halloween Experience On October 24th

Neil Patrick Harris
Credit: Reese / Facebook Live

Reese’s is ready to creep you out this Halloween with an interactive Halloween experience called A LIVE hosted by Neil Patrick Harris on Facebook Live.

Starting this week, fans can go to Harris’ Facebook or Instagram pages to vote on which elements would be the scariest to include in the house.

Then on October 24th you can come back to the page and see what happens to 32 special guest that will experience the choices you helped make. All of this will take place live on Facebook!

Neil Patrick Harris said, “Halloween has always been my favorite—elaborate costumes, epic decorations and the ability to scare people. So, to have the Reese’s brand (and anyone watching live) help provide the most epic, larger-than-life Halloween experience? Well, it’s simply terrifying—in the greatest way imaginable.”

Check out the promo video below.