Sacrifice Yourself on Stream in ‘darkwebSTREAMER’ Official Trailer

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Credit: We Have Always Lived In The Forest

Following rabbit holes online can happen to anyone – but We Have Always Lived In The Forest’s darkwebSTREAMER shows just how scary it can be. The Australian developer showed their Rabbit Hole trailer during IGN’s Fan Fest stream, giving viewers a peek into the strange and twisted world of the internet. The procedurally generated psycho-horror RPG will push players to become the best streamer possible – no matter the cost.

darkwebSTREAMER is a horror streaming sim that will make players ask just how badly they want internet infamy. Manage your stream, juggle relationships with your viewers, and navigate the neverending generated internet to share with your subscribers. In every encounter, players change and adapt, giving you trackable skills, stats, mood, and memories. With a procedurally generated internet and NPC’s, and ritual recipes, no two games will ever look the same.

However, as you gain followers, fame, and strange items to show on stream, supernatural entities lurk, driving you to the line of madness. As the madness sets in, players can purchase occult recipes and perform rituals to cleanse their haunted apartments. Rituals, the occult, keeping your stream happy – every choice matters when it can change the course of your narrative. So will you reach internet infamy? Or succumb to the madness?

darkwebSTREAMER is set to release soon. Fans can Wishlist the title on Steam.

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