Escape A Nightmarish Town in ‘Sanguivore: Twenty Below’, Now Available on Early Access

Credit: Blood Eater Games & Forthright Entertainment

Blood Eater Games and Forthright Entertainment’s thrilling co-op horror game, Sanguivore: Twenty Below, is now available through Early Access on Steam! Players can now experience the terror of escaping a nightmarish town filled with bloodthirsty monsters. While collaborating with friends, scavenging for resources, and solving puzzles.

Credit: Blood Eater Games & Forthright Entertainment


Play as desperate survivors trapped in a cursed town with mysterious challenges and four distinct areas. Each filled with its own escape routes. Players must collaborate with a team of four and search for essential items to unlock the doors and escape the town. Likewise, found tools can be used to manipulate fuse boxes, disable power to access new routes, and more.

Additionally, players can tailor their experience by choosing the difficulty levels for unique challenges. Allowing them to gain experience points to unlock survivor upgrades and perks. Moreover, players must race against time to take control of the leaderboards by creating a strong bond with their team. Resulting in less casualties and more time escaping the evolving Sanguivore monsters.

What’s more, the Blood Eater Games’ team ensures that the Sanguivore: Twenty Below will progress with upcoming maps and game modes. Further introducing competitive options that will challenge your need for survival and use of instincts in unusual ways.

Credit: Blood Eater Games & Forthright Entertainment

Blood Eater Games Studio is a dynamic team of two developers, with over 10 years of experience utilizing Unreal Engine. Along with a skilled 3D modeler and 3D animator. Their mission is to deliver compact, enjoyable, and hassle-free horror games accessible on all platforms at an affordable price. Similarly, the Forthright leadership team is a publisher with experience ranging from crafting casual mobile games to contributing to AAA blockbusters.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below is now available for early access on Steam.

Check out their trailer down below:

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