‘SITRA ACHRA’ Teaser Trailer Features a 2-in-1 Movie and Video Game

" Once the door is open, it can be quite a game to close it again."

Credit: Infernal Machine // Cinefacta

If your favorite video games include retro arcade game ‘Polybius’ and Tuckersoft’s ‘Bandersnatch’, SITRA ACHRA’ might just be the game for you!

‘SITRA ACHRA’ (The Other Side) is a multimedia experience with what looks like a lot of secrets to hide. Releasing as both a film and as the video game itself, SITRA ACHRA’ will allow audiences to uncover the mysteries behind the game through this pseudo-interactive, ARG experience. The film is written and directed by Levi Buchanan; with Salt + Pixel developing the game itself.

In an interview with Fangoria, Buchanan mentions the importance of having SITRA ACHRA be a real, playable game outside the film.

“Having Sitra Achra be a real game[…]was important to me […] because the game is essentially one of our villains, I wanted its malice to be tangible on the set, something for our actors to really tangle with.”

The film follows Andrew Goldstein— retro video game collector— down the SITRA ACHRA’ rabbit-hole. After disappearing alongside its creator in the 1980s, Andrew discovers a prototype cartridge for the game. Soon, he becomes obsessed with beating the previously-lost game, which turns out to be a even trickier task than at first glance.

The film stars Darius Pierce (PIG), Jonn Schinderle (“Dark Jeans”), Angela Chandra (MY GHOULFRIEND), David Knell (PIG), and Nathan Barnatt (Dad, “America’s Got Talent”). There is no specific release date as of now aside from being sometime this year, but we’ll keep you updated.

Take a peak at the first teaser trailer and poster for the film below.

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Sitra Achra
Credit: Infernal Machine // Cinefacta