That’s Strange Podcast: Villisca Axe Murders and The Demon House

This week, we are taking the week off. So, in the spirit of spooky season, here’s a previous episode from last year.

Chad and Ryan sit down to discuss two horrifying real world stories.

The Villisca Axe Murders and The Demon House.

Both stories will have you on the edge of your seats as we break down everything involved in these tragic and terrifying stories.

Ryan also make his addendum to last week’s episode with The Ladies of Strange that he unfortunately missed. Ryan discusses his top three horror movies of all time as well as commenting on some of our picks.

If you haven’t heard of the two stories we discuss then you are in for a treat as we walk down a dark road filled with terrible crimes, demonic possessions, and hauntings that will keep you up at night.

We give our opinions on these two stories as we break down all the aspects involved with both.

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