The Mortuary Assistant Gets Last Major Patch

New Bodies, New Ending, and More!

Credit: DarkStone Digital

The Mortuary Assistant has a new patch introducing plenty of features, including yet another possible ending to its story tree. Before you go out to discover what this new ending may entail, there are a few things you should know. Fans will be disappointed to hear that this is the last major regular update to their everchanging house of horrors, as the developers are stepping back more to work on other projects after spending the last year on consistent additions and improvements.

Don’t fret, however, that doesn’t mean this will be the last ever update! On their Steam blog, Creative Director Brian Clarke reassured fans, “That doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates but I have been supporting MA exclusively for almost a year now and it is time for me to focus on new projects.”

Now, if you’re wondering what else is actually in this new update, worry not! we have you covered.

The Mortuary Assistant Gaming horror DreadXP
Credit: DreadXP / DarkStone Digital

So… What’s New?

Not only are there new possible scares, but there’s now a difficulty slider to determine how often these events occur. The Mortuary Assistant also has a core aspect to its game loop that’s part of its namesake, mortuary assistant. Your job requires you to embalm bodies, and with this patch, three new cadaver pals to join you in your career. With brand-new lore to flesh out the world, you can dive deeper than ever before!

So, if you felt that the mythos behind the plot previously lacked some depth you’re in luck. While there may be the urge to leave this ‘final’ ending untouched so there’s still always more for you to explore, you should just tear off that bandaid. Although it’s sad to see development on this game slow down, it’s necessary. All we can do is look forward to what the creator’s next exciting new project might be!


Check out the trailer for The Mortuary Assistant‘s new patch below:

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