‘The Outlast Trials’ Toxic Shock Kicks off First Limited-Time Event

Credit: Red Barrels

At only a month since its launch, The Outlast Trials has reached over 2 million players, and to show their gratitude, developer Red Barrels is launching their first limited-time event – Toxic Shock. In addition to the new event, the developer also will release several quality-of-life updates and showed fans a sneak peek into their roadmap.

The Toxic Shock event will run from April 16th through May 7th. The new program will put reagents through “an experiment in the symbiotic action of chemically-induced pain and permanent damage.” Players can also look forward to a new Variator – the Toxic Shock. This Variator will randomly fill the environment with toxic gas. If players get stuck in the gas, the gas will inflict permanent damage.

Coming up, players can also look forward to new MK-Challenges including Tilt The Scales of Justice and Sabotage the Factory. Scales will test moral and strategic strength when evidence of false crimes comes against the power of corruption. Meanwhile, in Factory, Reagents will enter a daring mission to stop the operations of the Murkoff Corporation.

Summer 2024 will also bring a plethora of new updates for Reagents. Season 1 will bring new trials, a prime asset, amps, rigs, and events. “We’re dedicated to fine-tuning the game, to deliver a game that is not only horrifying and thrilling but also deeply immersive,” said Alex Charbonneau, Game Director of The Outlast Trials. In their Roadmap, the developers revealed their plans for the multiplayer horror game. Future updates include an Infinite Mode, new events, trials, enemies, and a new game mode.

The Outlast Trials takes place in 1959 as the Murkoff Corporation recruits potential test subjects to turn into the perfect sleeper agent. The “Reagents” enter Trials to be conditioned through unimaginable physical and psychological torture. Since its launch, over 2 million subjects have entered the trials. These trials have amounted to 38 million deaths and over 600,000 participants who have become Reborn after completing the trials.

The Outlast Trials Toxic Shock event kicks off April 16th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and for PC via Steam.


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