Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons DLC Brings Vecna To The Entity’s Realm

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s Year 8 Anniversary Stream introduced a few shocking surprises to fans, including their announcement of Vecna entering the realm. While the developer teased the Dungeons & Dragons DLC earlier in the week, fans got a confirmation on its newest Killer, Survivor, and map. The live stream also brought news about a new unannounced game, What the Fog, a new game mode, and updates to other franchise titles.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

With so many iconic villain characters, Vecna is a standout and formidable foe for any Survivor. Vecna will new Powers and Perks that DnD players may just recognize including flight, mage hand, and sphere casting. Mage Hand will conjure a magical hand to lift a downed Pallet or briefly block an upright pallet. Meanwhile, for Artist lovers, Flight of the Damned may be your new favorite power. Flight of the Damned sends 5 spectral entities that can pass through obstacles and injure Survivors. Lastly, Dispelling Sphere will cast an invisible sphere that reveals Survivors and disabled their Magic Items. While the spells may seem daunting, Magic Items can be picked up via a dice roll at chests to combat them.

However, Vecna’s three new perks also gives a nod to DnD. Weave Attunement will activate when a Survivor depleted their item for the first time. After depletion, the item is dropped. But, if a Survivor enters the range of the item, their Aura is revealed. If the Survivor picks up the item, they will gain Oblivious. Remember crows in the realm? While they give soft audio cues, Languid Touch will make crows scary again. Survivors who scare a crow in your Terror Radius will become Exhausted for a brief duration. Lastly, Dark Arrogance will make the Killer Blinded and Stunned for longer, but you gain a faster Vault Speed.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Who is a formidable adversary for The Whispered One? Bard mains rise, its your time to showcase your lore knowledge. The newest Survivors are bards Aestri and Baemar. After setting out for the Rotted Tower to face the Arch-Lich, they find a scroll. The strange scroll begins to emit a Fog and brings them into the Entity’s Realm. How do you face off against Vecna? With a few illusions, some inspiration, and sight.

Make Vecna second guess where you are with Mirrored Illusion. After repairing a Generator, you can cast a brief illusion near a Chest, Generator, Totem, or Exit Gate. We’ve all needed a little inspiration while facing skill checks, and the realm is no exception. Begin your performance with Bardic Inspiration. On a dice roll, 2-10 will grant +1% repair progress. From 11-19, you get a +2% repair progress. For a Nat 20, players get a +3% repair progress. However, a critical fail will cause your Survivor to scream. This effect ends when a Skill Check is missed, the ability is canceled, or the performance ends. Lastly, Still Sight allows still Survivors to see the Aura of all Generators, Totems, and Chests in your vicinity.

Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons DLC is available June 3rd. However, the PTB will be live later today.

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