WW1 Survival Pixel Horror ‘Conscript’ Gets PC and Console Release

Credit: Catchweight Studio | Team17 Digital

Catchweight Studio and Team17 Digital have just announced that their WW1 survival horror game, CONSCRIPT, will see a 2024 release. Accompanying a brand-new gameplay trailer, the developers stated CONSCRIPT will release to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC with a physical edition available after. Fans eagerly awaiting the release can get a taste of the harrowing pixel horror during Steam’s Next Fest in June.

Set in 1916, CONSCRIPT follows a French soldier searching for his missing-in-action brother during the Battle of Verdun. Deep in the trenches, players must fend off enemy soldiers and combatants while solving complex environmental puzzles. Similar to other classic survival horror games, players will have to face limited supplies while trying to survive.

CONSCRIPT is being developed by Catchweight Studios, a one-man team featuring Australian native Jordan Mochi. Inspired by his love of history and classic survival games, Mochi began development in 2017. “Silent Hill 1-4 and Resident Evil 1-4 have been my biggest inspirations. I’m intent on recreating the spirit of such games in CONSCRIPT,” Mochi states on the games website. “I aimed to immerse players in the grim reality of World War 1 while delivering the tense, gripping gameplay that survival horror fans know and love.”

CONSCRIPT will release to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and for PC via Steam and GOG.

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