‘All My Friends Hate Me’ is a Paranoid Filled Horror Comedy

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It’s Pete’s birthday and the old gang from college are throwing him a party out in the country. During what’s meant to be a joyful weekend reunion, Pete finds himself increasingly unnerved by his friends’ inside jokes and snarky comments. As the atmosphere goes from awkward to terrifying to downright surreal, Pete is pushed to the breaking point. Is he being paranoid or is he the butt of some elaborate joke?

From director Andrew Gaynord (The Characters) and co-writers Tom Stourton & Tom Palmer comes ‘All My Friends Hate Me,’ a dark comedy- horror mash-up for anyone who’s ever experienced social anxiety and lived to tell about it. Check out the trailer below.

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“I haven’t come across a script that is as funny, alluring, and unsettling as this one. I’ve been an admirer ofboth Toms for over a decade, and I’m chuffed that it came my way. My ambition is for this film to be gutpunch funny but with a palpable dramatic tension that pulls you deeper throughout – I want theaudience to be constantly guessing, as I was when I read it, is Pete paranoid? Or is he truly unravelingsomething more nefarious?” says director Andrew Gaynord. I hope our audience will be completely in sync with Pete’s fraying sanity anddesperation to be liked. Pete feels alone, lost, and wanting to connect. He just wants to have a goodbirthday party, guys! To me, this is funny.”

‘All My Friends Hate Me’ is in Theaters March 11 and On Digital March 25.