Acid Rain Zombies Come to Life in Lionsgate’s ‘Amityville Uprising’

Amityville Rising
Credit: Lionsgate

A different type of monster is set to emerge from the cursed grounds of Amityville, New York in the newest film from director Thomas J Churchill. Following up ‘The Amityville Harvest’ and ‘The Amityville Moon’, Churchill takes us back to the town of Amityville itself for some undead bloodshed. While many of the sequels abandon the iconic setting and just use the name to pull in viewers, ‘Amityville Uprising’ is actually set in the now infamous Long Island village.

Watch the trailer and check out the synopsis for ‘Amityville Uprising’ below!

“A chemical blast at a military base sets off a supernatural disaster in this tense action-horror thriller. As Sgt. Dash tries to keep the peace at the local police station, the explosion unleashes a toxic acid rain that dissolves the flesh of anyone trapped in it. Even worse, it causes the dead to rise again and attack the living. Can Dash and fellow officer Nina Rossi figure out who is friend and foe, fend off the attacks, and defend their colleagues until the savage cataclysm subsides?”

‘Amityville Uprising’ will arrive on DVD, Demand, and Digital on January 11th, 2022.

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