The Best Films and Series to Stream on Netflix this Halloween Season

From freaky found footage to nostalgic 90s scares, there's something for everyone!

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet Of Curiosities
Credit: Netflix / Ken Woroner/Netflix © 2022

Despite being one of the biggest and longest-running players in the streaming game, Netflix is notoriously lacking in its horror department. Unfortunately, for every four clunky-to-mediocre Stephen King adaptations they release, Netflix will maybe acquire a half-way decent horror film (rarely, will they produce one themselves). So, to save you from the seemingly never-ending, unfulfilling process of scrolling, here is a list of upcoming and currently available horror films (and series) to really settle you into that spooky-season spirit!

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet Of Curiosities
Credit: David Lee/Netflix © 2022

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities — Coming Oct 25

“Picture your mind as a cabinet, where you lock up your darkest thoughts and deepest fears. What would happened if you opened that cabinet for the world to see?”

Arguably (personally) the most exciting thing to come out of Netflix this month, Cabinet of Curiosities is an 8-part, 4-night anthology series presented and created by the one and only Guillermo Del Toro. The first two episodes of the series will drop on Oct 25, with 2 more episodes released each day until the 28th.

The series is filled to the brim with icons from within and outside of the horror genre, including people like comedian Eric André (The Eric André Show), Rupert Grint (the Harry Potter series), and, Essie Davis (The Babadook). Taking a look at the directors for each film only exponentially multiplies the anticipation for the series; with big-name directors including Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), Panos Cosmato (Mandy) and Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) each directing their own episode. Take a closer peak at the 8 episodes and the people involved in each one here.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow
Credit: Frank Masi/Netflix © 2022.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow — Coming Oct 14

Think 2015’s Krampus, but during Halloween + the ‘family moves into a new town and weird shit happens’ premise, and you’ve got Marlon Wayan’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The film stars Wayans (Scary Movie franchise) and Stranger Things alum Priah Ferguson, as a father and daughter who must save their town from the havoc-wreaking Halloween decorations brought to life by a mischievous ancient spirit.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare, Fantasy Island) and produced by Wayans, the film’s trailer promises a hardy amount of excitement and laughs, with a the added bonus of creepy, murderous clowns and absurdly large spiders. Blowing through the heads of zombie decorations, and swinging chainsaws through football player skeletons are just some of the action we can expect to see in this potential family movie night pick. If you’re looking to throw something on with the kids, or just feeling like something light and fun, make sure to catch The Curse of Bridge Hollow when it drops on Oct 14.

Dead End Paranormal Park 

One fit for any cool lil’ kids wanting to dip their toe into the horror aspect of Halloween, but may not be quite ready for it yet, Dead End: Paranormal Park doesn’t even have to be just for the kiddies! The show follows Barney, his pug (aptly named Puglsey), and Norma as they work together fighting demons in a haunted amusement park. The animated series is extremely cute, and surprisingly fun even for the toughest of horror veterans. Meet colorful, troublesome demons, witches, and zombies; and watch as the young characters learn from each other and grow into themselves. The show is a great way to introduce the genre to the littlest of children, making it easy to indoctrinate the kids early on into the horror lifestyle.

The show currently has two seasons, with the second one just recently premiering on Oct 13.


Fear Street
Credit: Netflix

The Fear Street Trilogy

Based on R.L. Stine’s best selling horror series, ‘Fear Street,’ the trilogy follows the nightmare through Shadyside’s sinister history. We learned this week that the series nabbed a rating of R that should please horror fans.

In 1994, a group of teenagers discovers that the terrifying events that have haunted their town for generations ​may all be connected — and that they may be the next targets. The three part series spans from 1666 to 1994.


Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment


R.L. Stine’s tales take on a life of their own in a series that combines original stories with adaptations drawn from the popular books.

Netflix Incanation
Credit: Netflix


Found-footage is shat upon heavily as a sub-genre(often for good reason), but when it’s done right I find that they host some of the best scares that stick with me the longest. Taiwan’s found-footage film Incantation is one of those rare, genuine gems— and its on Netflix! Released back in March 2022, the film quickly became the highest-grossing Taiwanese horror film of all time, and was picked up by Netflix for distribution a few months later on July 8.

The film is said to be inspired by a true story: on an incident that took place in Gushan District, Kaohsiung in 2005. According to Wikipedia, a “family of six had claimed they were possessed by various Chinese folk religion deities, and accused each other of being possessed by demons masquerading as deities.” What followed was labeled as a case of mass hysteria in the family, after the family violently abused each other, ultimately killing the eldest daughter.

The film doesn’t follow this exact story, but instead a more intimate one of a mother trying to protect her daughter from a similar curse. The film is a non-linear series of footage filmed by the mother, as she struggles relentlessly against everything and everyone that try to get between her and her daughter. The film achieves what many others in the same genre often fail to; never showing too much, too fast— if at all. This is one of those films where going in with as little knowledge as possible is the best way to go, so I implore you to skip the trailer and just click that play button. Incantation is one hell of a freaky-ride, and I can assure you, it won’t be leaving you alone after you’re done with it (or rather, it’s done with you) anytime soon.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Credit: CBS Films

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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Wendall and Wild Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Wendell and Wild — Coming Oct 28


From director Henry Selick (Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas) and producer Jordan comes Wendell and Wild, a stop-motion film co-written by the two aforementioned heavy-hitters themselves! Wendell and Wild sees the reunion of Key (Keegan-Michael Key) and Peele, voicing the two titular demon brothers in the film. After a life-altering tragedy, Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross) is racked with guilt, but its this guilt that leads to the arrival of the demon brothers Wendell and Wild to the land of the living.

The trailer plays over “I Told Em” by Doechii and, similar to other Selick films, is a mix of intoxicating bright colors, contrasting with the dull and drab tones of the ‘real world.’ Animated in-house by Netflix Animation (The Sea Beast, Klaus) the film is very reminiscent of Selick’s other film’s, which are always a treat! Along with the top-tier duo that is Key and Peele, Wendell and Wild sure looks like something you don’t want to miss!— so make sure to stream it when it premieres on Oct 28.

The Midnight Club
Credit: Netflix

Honorable Mentions!

  • IT (2018) Dir. Andy Mushietti
  • It Follows (2014) Dir. David Robert Mitchell
  • Hush (2016) Dir. Mike Flanagan
  • The Midnight Club + Midnight Mass + The Haunting of Bly Manor + The Haunting of Hill House —  Dir. Mike Flanagan

Author’s Note: Can you tell I like Mike Flanagan? And also his wife!(—  HI KATE SIEGEL! YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ARE THE COOLEST COUPLE EVER! Respectfully, call me..)