Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown Are Just Friends Trying to Survive the End of the World in ‘Biosphere’

Credit: IFC Films

Your new favorite on-screen duo is here. Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown.

Billy (Mark Duplass) and Ray (Sterling K. Brown) are lifelong best friends, brothers from another mother – and the last two men on earth. Their survival is largely due to Ray, a brilliant scientist who designed a domed structure with all the systems necessary to sustain life on a planet that could no longer support it. Their custom biosphere is outfitted with basic necessities and creature comforts that make it possible to retain a sense of what life used to be like. A hydroponic garden provides fresh vegetables and a carefully managed fishpond supplies essential protein. Recently, however, fish have begun dying at an alarming rate. With a mere three fish remaining, Billy and Ray face an ominous future. But life may yet find a way.

Biosphere IFC Films
Credit: IFC Films

‘Biosphere’ marks the directorial debut from  Mel Eslyn and was produced by artist/filmmaker Zackary Drucker—who previously co-directed the Duplass Brothers-produced docuseries ‘The Lady and the Dale’—and Duplass Brothers Productions’ Shuli Harel and Maddie Buis. Mark and Jay Duplass Executive Produced.

‘Biosphere’ premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September to a strong audience response and enthusiastic reviews. Now the film is having its LA Premiere on June 27th, followed by a theatrical and on-demand release July 7th.

Arianna Bocco, President of IFC Films, said, “We are thrilled to work with producer Mel Eslyn again to bring her extraordinary feature directing debut out into the world and could not be more excited to work with her partners, Mark and Jay Duplass.  Mark and Jay are exactly the kind of partners you dream of working with in this business as they are committed to supporting new talent and original projects. BIOSPHERE is a prime example of this creative team and their ability to brilliantly push the envelope, and with Mark opposite the talented Sterling K. Brown, the film is guaranteed to steal hearts.”

“I’ve had such a long history with IFC as a producer,” said Eslyn. “I’m so excited to get to partner with them on my feature directorial debut; it feels like coming home”

Check out the quirky endearing trailer below.

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