Black Mandala’s ‘Blood and Snow’ Trailer is Full of Paranoia and Mystery

Credit: Black Mandala / HorrorHound Films

Black Mandala presents the sci-fi horror movie, ‘Blood and Snow’, directed by Jesse Palangio. An extraordinary event becomes a true nightmare in this Canadian film had its World Premiere at HorrorHound Film Festivals; Official Selection at Chicago Horror Film Festival; and was nominated for “Best Horror Feature”, at Haunted House. 

Two scientists uncover a meteorite impact site in the Arctic tundra, but it kills one scientist and infects the other. A nearby base takes in the lone survivor whilst trying to understand what happened. The lone survivor may not be the person they think she is.

‘Blood and Snow’ stars Simon Phillips (ButchersEscaping Paradise, The Witcher); Vernon Wells (Commando, MacGyver); Anne-Carolyne Binette (Deinfluencer); Blake Canning (Ash & Dust); Michael Swatton and Brianna Ripley.

There is no official release date as of yet but you can check out the trailer below.

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Blood and Snow
Credit: Black Mandala / HorrorHound Films