‘Boy Who Steals Flowers’ Folklore is a Sad History Lesson Worth Exploring – But Be Cautious

Credit: Midwest Occult & Spectral Society

More than a week has passed since we received a rather intriguing package in the mail. Initially, our first impression led us to believe it might be a promotional stunt for a horror movie. Given our affiliation with a horror-centric website, it’s not uncommon for studios to send us promotional materials from time to time.

However, it quickly became evident that this was not the case.

The package we received contained an assortment of unsettling items:

  • A bouquet of flowers accompanied by a handwritten note.
  • A wooden box housing a bag of marbles wrapped in cloth.
  • A picture frame featuring a disconcerting image of a young boy holding a bouquet of flowers.
  • A eerie doll.
  • A Moleskine journal filled with handwritten entries, presumably from a child.

Upon closer examination, these items exuded an eerie and somewhat macabre nature. The flowers, in particular, were accompanied by a handwritten note, and the portrait of the boy within an old frame bore the inscription “Just to Say Hello” along its border.

The handwritten tag read as follows: 
” Just to say hello…pass these flowers to someone within 13 hours or play hide and seek with me forever… – boy who steals flowers” 


This alone would have been sufficient to pique our interest, and indeed, it did so, setting us on a mysterious journey.

Three days following the arrival of the package, we began receiving emails from an organization known as the “Midwest Occult & Spectral Society.” This group specializes in investigating cases related to the occult, the paranormal, and folklore, at least based on what we could discern from their social media presence. These emails contained video clips featuring some of the same items from the package, as well as footage from the Odd Fellow’s Home in Liberty, MO. To add a touch of unsettling intrigue, this location is a mere 15-20 minute drive from our headquarters.

Intrigued by these developments, we delved into the video clips. One of them featured a haunting song by TikTok sensation Lauren Paley, although she seemed to have no apparent connection to whatever mystery was unfolding. We commend her for adding an unintentional extra layer of eeriness to the story. Returning to the clips, we’ve since decided to share them on our TikTok and other social media channels, in the hopes of engaging our audience and discovering if anyone else has received similar items. Perhaps, in doing so, we can unravel the enigma behind this, and determine whether it’s merely a teaser for a movie promotion.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the remaining contents of the package. The picture frame appears rather straightforward, featuring a photograph of the young boy enclosed within a vintage frame. The frame itself appears to date back to the 1940s or 1950s, although it’s challenging to pinpoint its exact age.

As for the wooden box, which held a burlap bag filled with marbles, it featured intricately carved flowers on its surface. My initial thought was whether I should engage in a game of marbles with the boy pictured. However, a more disquieting notion crossed my mind: Could this be some form of a dybbuk box? I’ll delve further into this unsettling possibility shortly…

The final item we scrutinized was a Moleskine journal, containing 16 distinct entries that spanned from April 10, 1943, to October 15, 1943. These entries bore the unmistakable mark of a child’s hand, evident in their style of writing and their firsthand accounts of life in an orphanage. After perusing the journal and jotting down a few notes, and considering the videos shared with us by the Midwest Occult & Spectral Society, a realization dawned upon us concerning the Odd Fellow’s Home.

For those unfamiliar with the Odd Fellows, they are a group akin to the Freemasons. The Odd Fellow’s Home, now partially restored and transformed into the Belvoir Winery, holds historical significance dating back to the early 1900s. Renovated by dedicated individuals, it is not only a place of historical intrigue but also a venue where one can book overnight stays or host special events like weddings. More curiously, it has gained notoriety as one of the most haunted buildings in Missouri, hosting guided paranormal tours. A word of caution for anyone tempted to explore its abandoned buildings – they are strictly off-limits. We speak from experience, having ventured onto the property ourselves last week, only to find numerous signs sternly prohibiting entry. The Odd Fellow’s Home has also been featured on several paranormal investigation shows, which we recommend exploring through a simple YouTube search, rather than attempting to navigate the grounds independently.

Intrigued by the package’s connection to this haunted locale, we arranged the items and conducted a live TikTok session featuring an EMF reader and a spirit box to communicate with the boy. We posed questions like, “What is your name?” and “Do you wish for us to convey the flowers?” The sole response occurred at the outset of the live feed when we asked, “Are you the boy…?” to which the EMF reader surged to readings between 2.5 and 5.0 milliGauss.

Digging deeper into the history of the buildings and the property revealed that, at one point, it served as both a hospital and an orphanage for individuals of all ages facing dire circumstances. This chilling detail added a haunting layer of significance to the package we had received.


Upon meticulous examination of the video clips, the package contents, and an exploration of the winery’s history, coupled with the handwritten note attached to the bouquet of flowers, we have arrived at a rather intriguing conclusion. It appears that we’ve stumbled upon an immensely captivating piece of folklore intertwined with a profoundly tragic narrative. A tiny tag concealed within the bag of marbles, initially overlooked, led us to the website boywhostealsflowers.com. Here, the boy’s story unfolded in a manner that was nothing short of heart-wrenching. While the website provided us with a wealth of insights and information, it failed to fully elucidate the enigma at hand.

In light of this, we heeded the guidance offered on the tag and passed on our bouquet of flowers to one of our esteemed Patreon members, with the intent of freeing our home from the boy’s presence. However, we must confess that we retained these items for longer than the recommended 13-hour timeframe. In accordance with the instructions, we conducted a modest ritual in an attempt to dispel the boy’s spirit or any ill omens that may have lingered in our dwelling. This ritual was immediately followed by a sage cleansing.

Below, you will find the complete video shared with us by the paranormal group. If you possess any additional information or have encountered a similar package, please do not hesitate to reach out and share your insights with us. @downrightcreepy on our social channels or [email protected]


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