Creepcast: Explore the Myths and Legends Behind Some of Horror’s Most Notorious “Cursed Films”

Credit: Shudder

Adam and KC Canton discuss the tragedy and strange occurrences around Shudder’s ‘Cursed Films’ docu-series.

‘Cursed Films’ is a five-part documentary series from Shudder which explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” horror film productions. From plane accidents and bombings during the making of ‘The Omen,’ to the rumored use of real human skeletons on the set of ‘Poltergeist,’ these stories are legendary amongst film fans and filmmakers alike. But where does the truth lie? That is what we hope to discover when we chat about this new docu-series.

A few days ago Shudder also announced we will be getting a season two of ‘Cursed Films’ with more lore surrounding another set of films that has yet to be announced.

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