Strap in and Get Ready to Explore a Haunted House on a Livestream in the ‘Deadstream’ Trailer

Credit: Shudder

Fans of the sub-genre of found footage are going to dig ‘Deadstream’ coming to Shudder this October. It debuted at SXSW 2022 and later made its way to our festival, Panic Fest where crowds had a fun time with the quirky and creepy film.

This audacious box of horrors is the directorial debut from Joseph and Vanessa Winter (V/H/S 99.) It features an internet personality tries to win back followers by livestreaming himself in a haunted house. A bit of a call back to ‘The Houses October Built’ with with a different approach into the story.

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With ‘Deadstream,’ a rare horror comedy as frightening as it is funny, the Winters have boldly announced themselves as exciting emerging talent ready to take the genre scene by storm. The work of the filmmaking duo can next be seen in a segment from Shudder’s hotly-anticipated ‘V/H/S/99,’ the latest installment in the celebrated found-footage horror series, which premieres out of TIFF’s Midnight Madness later this month.

While the film premieres October 6 on Shudder, we at Downright Creepy are teaming up with Screenland Armour to co-host a Panic Fest presents event that will feature ‘Deadstream’ and ‘V/H/S 99’ as a found footage double header that will make your head spin. The event is tentatively set to take place October 28th with more details to come.

Deadstream Shudder
Credit: Shudder