The Baby in ‘Death Stranding’ Will Communicate Through the PS4 Controller Speaker

Credit: Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has been a long time coming. The wait has been long and the details about the game have often been far and few between each month. We have seen game play trailers, cast announcements and cameos – but the wait is almost over. Death Stranding will be available for Playstation 4 on November 8th.

The game looked strange and beautiful right out the gates. One of the strangest things about the game was the baby that Norman Reedus’ character was carrying around like a delivery man. We got a new detail about how the baby will communicate with you in the game from Kojima himself on Twitter this week. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase the new Death Stranding Playstation 4 skin along with a cool opaque yellow control that mimics the baby. Fitting considering the baby will communicate with players through the controller speakers in the game. How cool is that!?

Check out the tweet from the man himself below.


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