Horror Icon Doug Bradley Dawns a Crown in a the Twisted Religious Horror Film ‘Thorns”

Credit: Douglas Schulze

Imagine if horror icon Doug Bradley was some sort of twisted archbishop trying to bring hell to earth while wearing a spiked crown of thorns. Sign us up for some twisted alternative universe Pinhead. It looks like something ripped out of a Clive Barker nightmarish fever dream.

The story centers on an ex-priest working for NASA who is sent to investigate a remote observatory that went silent after receiving a radio signal from deep space. Upon arrival, he discovers the signal has set in motion the biblical end of times. The former priest must now summon his lost faith to stop the signal from spreading hell on Earth.

Thorns Doug Bradley Douglas Schulze
Credit: Douglas Schulze

Woo. That is some synopsis. Director Douglas Schulze (The Dark BelowMimesis) has a doozy of a film for us to check out. Watch the trailer below to see some gnarly practical special effects and Bradley in all his glory.

‘Thorns’ will make the rounds in North American and international festivals in 2023, followed by limited theatrical and streaming release around Halloween.


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