Tubi’s ‘Famously Haunted: Amityville’ Dives Into the House’s Real-Life Horror Story

Credit: Tubi

The Amityville house is never lack for intrigue during the spooky season. And free streaming service Tubi has premiered its latest entry to the house’s lore — ‘Famously Haunted: Amityville.’

As part of the streaming service’s “Terror on Tubi” programming, the new documentary offers a deep dive into the intriguing mix of fact and fiction that fuels our widespread fascination in the Amityville house.

The official synopsis from Tubi gives a peek at the chilling story the doc will tell:

“When infamous Amityville killer Ronnie DeFeo died behind bars earlier this year, social media blew up with a new wave of armchair detectives obsessed with the real-life horror story. Everyone wanted to know: was DeFeo’s ‘the devil made me do it’ defense simply a ploy, or did something truly evil drive the 23-year-old to savagely shoot his parents and four siblings in cold blood inside their home nearly 50 years ago? And how was all of this connected to the ghostly hauntings that drove the new residents from the same house just one year later?”

The two-hour special brings forward new evidence, unpacks theories about the hauntings and showcases world-exclusive archival footage.

‘Famously Haunted: Amityville’ is just one of four Tubi Originals premiering throughout October. The others include the 13-part true crime series ‘Meet, Marry, Murder’ hosted and produced by Michelle Trachtenberg, plus Halloween special ‘Celebrity Exorcism’ and paranormal investigation flick ‘Harland Manor,’ both premiering later this month.


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