Trailer for Netflix’s ‘First Kill’ Gives Us Vampires, Vampire Hunters, and Teenagers In Love

Credit: Netflix

It seems that from the beginning of storytelling teenage drama has always come with forbidden romance. New Netflix series ‘First Kill’ looks to put a blood sucking twist on that trope. Sarah Catherine Hook (‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’) plays Juliette, a young vampire eager to make her first kill. She just happens to target Calliope, played by Imani Lewis (‘Vampires vs. The Bronx’), who happens to be a vampire hunter ALSO looking to make her first kill. The trailer sets us up for high school drama, young love, and monsters!

Season 1 of ‘First Kill’ comes to Netflix on June 10th, 2022.

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You never forget your first. Teenage vampire Juliette sets her sights on a new girl in town Calliope for her first kill. But much to Juliette’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter. Both find that the other won’t be so easy to kill and, unfortunately, way too easy to fall for…