ALTER Exclusive Short Film ‘Good Guy with a Gun’ Takes a Peek Into the Dark World of Incel’s


If you are familiar with the work of director Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. and ALT HORROR then you know they tackle some pretty heavy real-life subjects and play off the horror that surrounds our everyday world. If the topics they cover make you feel uncomfortable that is because they are just that. Sometimes real-life is more scary than anything that we can come up with in the writers room. That is the recipe for ALT HORROR. 

In Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.’s latest short film, ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ he explores the world of Incel’s crossing over with gun control. What we get is a dangerous mixture of masculinity and pity that plays out before our eyes. Before you consider watching the short film below, we do have to warn you it could be a trigger to some people and we want to respect those that it may have an affect on.

You may have seen Montgomery’s last short film, ‘Chickens’ in which he shines the spotlight on “bad cops” and how they essentially think they can get away with anything by steering the narrative in their favor. It was a film that is timely, will make you feel uneasy and ultimately win you over when the credits roll. I bring this film up because as you watch ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ you will notice a familiar face from ‘Chickens.’ Officer Marty O’Shea played by Brian Ramian. He was a guy you love to hate in ‘Chickens’ and in this short he is portrayed as a good guy. Which just goes to show you not everything is what it seems on the surface. We also hear the Incel say he actually likes Officer Marty O’Shea. Which brings up a whole other set of questions. Montgomery seems to be weaving a twisted dark universe of characters that all live in the same world. It will be interesting to see how this expands in the future.

Check out both of these short films below – but remember you have been warned if these type of subject matters effect you. Viewer discretion is advised. 


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