Guillermo del Toro’s Got Monsters on the Mind For His Next Project

What new creature is stirring inside the head of this one-of-a-kind monster-maker?

del toro cabinet of Curiosities
Credit: Netflix

The last few months of 2022 have been a Del Toro fan’s dream— with both ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’ and ‘Pinocchio’ streaming on Netflix, but it seems it’s not over yet!

In a conversation on the “Variety Awards Circuit” podcast, del Toro gave us a peek into what might be in store going forward.

“Well, I’m working on a monster movie; I cannot say the title because it may change, and I could end up making something else.”

“But right now, I’m writing and designing. And we have for the last couple of years.”

“Hopefully, it’ll be next, but anything can happen.”

Bringing us some of the most recent additions to the monster icons, even the tiniest tease for another from del Toro is enough to excite!

Until then you can check out the full season of Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix right now!: Bloody Disgusting

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Source: Bloody Disgusting