‘Haunt’ Is Finally Getting A Sequel

Credit: Momentum Pictures

After its release and success in 2019, we’re finally getting a sequel to Haunt! Details are minimal at this stage but Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the directing duo behind Haunt, broke the news in an AMA promoting their newest film 65 (yes the dinosaurs meet Adam Driver 65). During the AMA a fan asked Woods and Beck if there were any plans for a Haunt follow-up and they responded with the following:

“Thanks for the support. We can confirm that conversations for a Haunt sequel are officially underway. Happy (early) Halloween!!”

Happy early Halloween indeed! They didn’t say whether they would be back to direct, nor if it would be a direct sequel but it’s exciting knowing we have more of the Haunt-iverse to look forward to. Before directing Haunt, Beck and Woods first rose to prominence by co-writing the script for A Quiet Place with John Krasinski. After that success, they wrote and directed Haunt. The film has found a big audience in the years since its release, with a lot of traction possibly coming from the return of real-life haunted attractions since everything shut down three years ago. It seems its popularity has grown enough to welcome a sequel and for that, we’re definitely not complaining.

Obviously, details are minimal but there are a lot of options for what a sequel could hold. The “extreme haunt” concept is an interesting one and I think the sequel could go even bigger and more intense than the first one. It could also be interesting if they went the anthology route with the same haunt but with new victims. It’s all speculation at this point but rest assured we’re waiting with bated breath for more news about this highly anticipated follow-up!

Haunt is currently streaming on Hulu!