‘It’ Prequel Series: HBO Max is Working On ‘Welcome To Derry’

It Chapter Two
Credit: Warner Bros. / Featurette Footage

Considering how successful the most recent adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ was (the two movies grossed $1.1 billion in box offices globally) it’s no surprise that folks are hoping to keep drawing water from that well. HBO Max has decided to give it a shot with a prequel series taking place in the 1960’s. The series, tentatively titled ‘Welcome to Derry’, will be a direct prequel to the recent adaptation and will focus on the Pennywise post-hibernation cycle that would have directly preceded the story told in ‘It: Chapter One’.

Sources for Variety have confirmed that Andy and Barbara Muschietti are on board to executive produce with Andy set to direct the first episode if the project goes to series. It is being suggested that this story will be a Pennywise origin story which may have fans of the book a little on edge as the original story depicts the clown himself as more of an avatar of the true evil. It does not appear that Stephen King is directly involved in the project.

As a clown enthusiast, creepy or otherwise, I can’t wait to see how this project evolves. Given that ‘It’ is a cosmic evil that spans generations the prequel possibilities are virtually limitless!

Pennywise the story of It
Credit: Screambox / Bloody Disgusting

While we are talking about the dancing clown, Screambox and Bloody Disgusting also announced an ‘It’ documentary called ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’ that will make its US Premiere at Panic Fest in April followed by an official release date coming this Summer.

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