Giant Greek Monsters from the Sea in ‘Minore’ Trailer

"I've had some crazy dream lately, you know?"

Credit: Raven Banner

From director Konstantinos Koutsoliotas comes ‘Minore,’ a tale of massive marine monsters invading a Greek seaside port. This David-Goliath story features an ensemble of quirky characters on a mission to save the city: from a band of musicians and a bodybuilder; a sailor and a granny; it’s on them to go face-to-face with these unknown creatures.

The trailer, released by Rue Morgue, features tentacled-Lovecraftian beasts and some lovely displays of bloody violence. Described as a horror-comedy, the trailer promises a bizzare and freaky good time.

The film stars Davide Tucci, Daphne Alexander, Nicolas Bravos, Constantin Symsiris, Christos Callow, Efi Papatheodorou and Igor Górewicza.

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Minore trailer lovecraft
Credit: Raven Banner